5 Ways To Get Blog Traffic Without Even Knowing About Seo!


SEO – this term is now a nightmare to most of the site owners. Traffic is known as the blood vessel of any online blog or site. If you get no traffic, your blog has no value. SEO has been the most desirable way to get handful amount of traffic and to enrich ones blog. However, during the last several years of evolution, SEO has been changed drastically due to new and smart algorithm updates of Google. Thus, most of the site owners are losing their hope to get traffic and stop blogging.

I must say, SEO is not the only way to get traffic rather, its one of the ways that drives traffic. So, there is no reason to be upset if you are not getting traffic via SEO. There are plenty of other sources from where you can even drive millions of traffic to your site. Here I have listed top 5 ways via which you can drive tons of visitors even without knowing a single word about SEO. Just forget about SEO and star focusing on others traffic sources.

Traffic Power house: This is the most used and reliable way to get traffic. Primarily, you can buy traffic via Google AdWords, Facebook ads, Bing ads, display media buying and so more. However, this trick will cost you handsome amount of money. Dont be hopeless dear! If you dont have enough investment then go for free traffic from traffic exchange sites such as HitLeap from where you can get targeted Alexa traffic which will also help you to achieve a good Alexa rank. Remember, you cant rely in these type of traffic for long time, it can help you to give a good starting with confidence.

Social media marketing: Right now social networks have the biggest pool of traffic. Most of the people of modern age like to hangout on social networks rather than real world. Thus social sites get more than a billion traffic per day. Just by having a small chunk of that traffic may flood your site with traffic. For this, you need to have strong presence on majority of the social networks. Initially, you can start with Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram and so more. However, you need to keep in mind that you must be consistent on these platforms, just having a profile or page wont help you to get traffic.

Social bookmarking sites: Bookmaking sites were great for SEO once upon a time. However, updated algorithm of Google disavow the value of these sites. However, you can still have plenty of traffic from these site with very little or no SEO impact. I mostly prefer some chosen sites like StumbleUpon, Reddit, Delicious etc. for bookmaking. Best part of social bookmarking is you will see instant traffic just by submitting your content in those platforms.

Forum signature: Forums are meeting place for solution seekers. Thus, forums are idle place to get decent amount of targeted visitors for your blog. Most of the people suck at this stage because of having no natural appearance. Dont be spammy, just choose forums in your niche that supports forum signature. Put a nice Call to Action sentence along with your blogs link in the signature part. Then just help others but replying in the thread naturally. Thus more people will know about your blog and will visit.

Answer the Question: This is similar to forum but yet much more effective. There is no signature part in Q/A sites but you can put direct link with your answer. Best part is, if your answer seems the best more people will vote for it and it will appear at the top. Thus you can drive much more traffic compared to forums. Start with Quora or Yahoo answers.

Hope above tricks will help you to generate huge amount of traffic on demand. If you liked this content share it with your other blogger friends.