Hyperion Planning Safety A Balancing Act


dealing with protection is a balancing act and even extra so in Hyperion making plans. On the only hand, the administrator need to fulfill control’s necessities that best customers who want to see the facts can have get entry to to the information. on the other hand, the administrator should find a manner to make sure the security model may be managed and maintained.

these two requirements don’t regularly pass hand in hand.

control, of course, desires to implement protection on each vicinity of the planning cube. after all, it’s miles herbal for control to demand strict secrecy in a making plans utility. planning information is extraordinarily sensitive since it describes the destiny of the organisation. control is correct to require complex protection rules and segregation of information.

coping with multiple groups alongside a couple of dimensions may be a frightening challenge. maintaining track of which users go in what organization at the side of the applicable filters requires cautious consideration and special attention to info. it is an administrator’s nightmare. directors regularly need to depend upon spreadsheets to maintain grasp lists of users, groups, filters, roles, and many others.

To assist make this mission simpler, right here are some recommendations on what does and does not paintings:

Nesting agencies inside organizations This approach can store numerous time when putting in place the businesses. however, it is difficult to maintain because man or woman customers do not seem at once in the group. as an example, to look which get right of entry to a given customers has, the admin need to open several corporations until the answer is discovered.

ExportSecurity.cmd and ImportSecurity.cmd dealing with filters in planning through the use of the security features in Workspace is cumbersome and slow. the usage of the ImportSecurity.cmd is straightforward, quick and green. similarly, the supply file used to add the security facts may be used for back-up and documentation.

record machine in Shared services the usage of this utility to make modifications to businesses and customers presents the same benefits described in the above item.

define businesses that mimic the measurement shape it is tempting to create a collection for each feature or group. the usage of this approach will cause having a very large range of organizations. Mimicking the size shape permits the administrator to take benefit of the intersection’ idea of multi dimensional databases. for example, in an environment had been safety is defined along the price middle, entity, account, version and situation dimensions, the person receives get right of entry to based at the intersection of the price center, entity, account, version and state of affairs organizations.

outstanding agencies’ A extremely good organization is a group that has all users in it. you could use these corporations to control access to the planning dimensions including account, version and scenario. because the planning dimensions should have security enabled, they will also percentage the identical get admission to for all customers. as an example, all customers must be capable of write to the lively state of affairs and version. In this example, use the superb organization’ to provide all people access to these dimensions.