Introducing Voice Of The Customer Analytics

By Gregg Troyanowski

Nuance Communications is a leader in intelligent and automation self-service. They have introduced voice of the customer analytics which optimizes the customer experience while driving business results. Nuance is expanding its analytics portfolio of solutions to give enterprises the tools to transform their customer engagement info into actionable insights.

Nuance Analytics can take action, identify insights across the customer journey and optimize the customer experience. Whether needing customized solutions, immediate insights, professional services, or enabling inputs for analytic products developed in-house. This results in organizations increasing operation efficiency, improving sales conversion, mitigating risk, maximizing ROI, and reducing customer churn.

With decades of experience in natural language understanding (NLU), speech, and artificial intelligence, Nuances Enterprise division has always provided business insights through its professional services, Insights for IVR, and self-service and speech technologies. Nuance now recognizes the need for integrated and smart analytics that provide the customer with insights across all areas. Nuance is expanding its analytics and prediction (powered by Al) to complement its customer engagement solutions to better improve and understand the customer experience.

This expansion is possible by partnering with third parties like CallMiner. CallMiner is the leader in engagement and speech analytics. By combining Nuance Insights solutions with CallMiners Eureka customer engagement analytics platform, organizations are able to automate scoring and monitoring of one hundred percent of consumer contacts. The deep customer insights empower organizations to improve agent performance and customer engagement center thus decreasing costs and increasing sales conversions.

Through the automation insights available through Nuance Insights combined with gleaning contact center insights via the VOC offering, Nuance Analytics now has the benefit of a truly holistic view of the customer experience. For additional value, these solutions can be combined with Nuance Professional Services domain expertise.

About Gregg Troyanowski

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