The Business Benefits Of Video Conferencing


Training video conferencing has been limited by high costs and network latency. Yet, tech-savvy employees demand the latest tools to aid professional efficiency. Companies applying this new tech quickly experience the benefits of video conferencing.

Initially, video recording conferencing was used only to reduce travel costs. Now, the benefits associated with training video conferencing are far-reaching. Working collectively hasn’t been easier. Greater understanding of the advantages of collaboration are fueling the expansion of video recording conferencing. The promise of video recording conferencing is to possess:

Improved communication

Better business relationships

Greater meetings

Employee satisfaction

Advanced competitive edge

The great things about video conferencing all revolve around one a key point: We move faster towards our goals whenever we can easily see and connect to individuals we’re dealing with.

Growing Demand for Video tutorial Conferencing

Today, the growing demand for video conferencing is so that it is broadly available. Its critical to many companies cooperation strategies. Video conferencing systems have huge variations from basic desktops housed in huddle rooms to sophisticated telepresence suites. Because of more reliable tech and lower prices, training video conferencing is becoming a core organization cooperation tool.1

Recently, VC failure rates were high. Phone calls failed % to % of the time frequently. Companies even reported failure rates as high as %.2 As the saying goes, weve come quite a distance, baby. A steady blast of new tech has hugely upgraded usability. In , % of users in a single survey said video conferencing has trustworthiness increased. % said it was also better to use.3 Along with greater consistency, total cost of ownership is dropping.

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business benefits associated with video conferencing

Cost/demand tendencies and ease of use are positioning the benefits associated with video recording conferencing at your fingertips of more businesses. What we realize about cooperation has inspired the surge of video recording conferencing. Sure, employees have always spoken to one another. What we now know is the fact collaborative, team-focused work conditions deliver incredible business advantages. Among the countless research-demonstrated benefits, video collaboration has been proven to4,5:

Move an organization better towards its goals

Foster creative imagination and learning

Mix complementary skills, strengths and perspectives

Build trust; encourage similar participation

Create a strong sense of purpose

Enhance employee development

Teach conflict resolution skills

Promote a wider sense of ownership

Encourage relationship/joint efforts

Deliver faster problem solving and increased innovation

Create a competent stride of work (the “divide and overcome” principle)

Improve job satisfaction and employee retention

Analysts say increased demand for training video conferencing has two additional factors. Remote employees and Millennials. These personnel thrive when given feature-rich, easy-to-use tools. Because of this, VC deployments and consumption have grown massively.6

Between and , VC use grew by %. Of the firms surveyed, % added more VC rooms during those 2 yrs.7 Predictions call for a conferencing services market growth rate of 4.1% between and . This sets the marketplace in a stage of speedy and ongoing transition.8

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Reducing travel is known as VCs main gain. However, the benefits associated with video conferencing are a lot more far-reaching. Actually, minimal tangible advantages of VC make the largest impact. One big benefit of video conferencing could it be reduces the quantity of time lost in meetings. In a study of 4, users, the most notable benefits of video recording conferencing were cited as9:

Increased efficiency and productivity – %

Increased impact of discussions – %

Expedited decision-making – %

Reduced travel – %

Below, are a few of the key reasons companies are using video conferencing as part of your before:

Cost Savings

Travel costs add up quickly. Carry a video tutorial call and you eliminate charges for employee transportation, hotels and meals. Customer entertainment bills fade away. VC is much less costly.

Bottom line cost benefits of training video conferencing: Lessening travel costs for just one single employee even outweighs the trouble of an VC system that may be used by the complete company.

Improved Efficiency and Optimized Operations

Yes, you can be in two places at once. Several, actually. And its all because of VC. The implications for production are huge. Reduced travel requirements help key employees maximize their time. Keeping video message or calls with customers and associates round the world boosts output.

Advanced productivity through video conferencing

Video calls decrease the misunderstandings which come from email and calls. With training video conferencing, facial appearance and body language deliver a more complete subject matter. VC participants are also much more likely to speak up and clarify information. Finally, video recording conferencing participants will stay alert and targeted when looked at by coworkers.

Bottom line productivity benefits of video conferencing: VC maximizes your human resources. It increases efficiency and production. Jobs can be completed faster and members feel more in sync with the other person and the appointment objectives.

Improved Efficiency

Visible cues bring an even of efficiency extremely hard with audio calls. Because of this, members get far more done via video conference. Screen mockups. Demonstration products. Impress prospective customers. Proponents say that its even better than face-to-face meetings. When everyones in the same room, conversations can easily log off track.

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With VC, tight time constraints and remote call-ins can facilitate a more focused discussion with less side chatter. Plus, when participants is seen by co-workers, focus and contribution is higher. With sight-unseen calls, participants surrender to the temptation with their smartphone or laptop.

Bottom line efficiency benefits of video recording conferencing: Seeing each other increases efficiency. More connection. Less distraction.

Rapid Outreach

Have something you will need to communicate immediately? Convene a training video discussion. With VC theres you don’t need to get all the key players in a single place. Demo the latest product design. Deliver critical info. Established goals, quotas, deadlines or tactical changes. All with the added aesthetic impact thats lacking from a mobile conference.

Business woman video tutorial conferencing with business man

Important thing outreach great things about training video conferencing: VC enables you to get critical info to key personnel with added impact.

Increased Employee Satisfaction and its own Benefits

Happy, healthy employees are successful employees. VC supports both. Consistent travel requires a physical and psychological toll. Replacing with video recording calls brings about greater health insurance and job satisfaction. In turn, this boosts performance and output. Also helps reduce job turnover.

Home based Mommy with Baby

Telecommuting is on the rise. Working remotely results in employee satisfaction. VC aids work-life balance. In , % of business pros had telecommuted at some point. Between – , work-at-home time increased by %. Research shows telecommuters are equally as productive as in-office employees. Individuals with the choice to work remotely are happier, healthier and more efficient.

Important thing employee benefits associated with video recording conferencing: Employees who travel less and VC more are healthier, more comfortable and more productive. Office overall flexibility also brings significant cost savings. One research reported an total annual savings of $, per person per months when employees could work from your home % of that time period.

Advanced Communication & More Great Relationships

Individuals communication is sophisticated. Body language. Tone of voice. Sometimes, the spoken word only accounts for 7% of so this means interpretation. Phone calls reveal tone, but omit body gestures and facial expression. This is critical for full understanding.

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Visible communication generates effective collaboration. Personal understanding and interconnection, key to successful working connections, develop during video recording conferencing. As mentioned in the Harvard Business Review, this connection “promotes an organization loyalty that results in a distributed determination to and self-discipline toward the work.” Having a feeling of camaraderie, of really learning our coworkers “create[s] a common sense of goal and the mentality that people are in-it together.”

Video recording conferencing builds romantic relationships, trust and camaraderie among employees. Executives can take meetings real-time with global offices. Teams feel more linked to the house office. Project professionals see and interact with those they may never have the opportunity to meet in person. Suppliers deliver informative, visually impactful pitches. The options for building more lucrative and sustained business connections are virtually countless.

Important thing communication/relationship advantages of video conferencing: VC brings every aspect of communication to the stand, for far better conversations and better working relationships.

Support for Green Initiatives

Business traveling requires a toll on the surroundings in lots of ways. Video tutorial conferencing can be an energy-smart, economically feasible way to attend or sponsor meetings. It’s green, too.

clean videoconferencing system

Reduced business travel supports:

Energy intake – Flying, travelling and hotel remains use a great deal of energy, which generates smog-producing air pollutants and skin tightening and that contributes to climate change.

Waste creation – In-person meetings create a lot of waste. One of the landfill dangers: paper, printer ink, toner, plastic normal water bottles and non-recyclable refreshment storage containers.

Food misuse – Discussion organizers typically order a lot more than can be consumed by the participants. Leftover meals, snacks and cocktail hour goodies typically end up in the garbage rather than food bank.

Replacing travel with conferencing has a deep environmental impact. In addition, it makes economic sense. One study determined businesses with $1 billion or even more in annual income adding VC achieve ROI in less than months. Almost business trips would be taken out in the first year. Environmentally friendly impact? A reduced amount of 2, metric a great deal of pollution over five years. Thats the greenhouse gas exact carbon copy of taking away passenger vehicles from the road.

Important thing environmental great things about video conferencing: Theyre huge. Replacing business travel with VC reduces landfill-bound waste material, pollutants and greenhouse gasses.

Competitive Advantage

Each one of the benefits in the above list sharpens companies competitive advantage. Groups that communicate via VC show knowledge faster and more efficiently. This reduces time to market. Support departments establish personal customer human relationships. Manufacturers can cut time and improve quality via videoconferenced meetings. They are able to verify quality, propose changes, and ensure accuracy throughout the merchandise lifecycle.

Important thing competitive benefits of video conferencing: Leveraging VC allows companies to become more productive. Better meetings are generated. Imagination abounds. Product cycles are thought out.

Adding Value To Videoconferencing

The range of options for implementing VC has never been greater. Price tips range between entry-level to extravagant. The benefits associated with video tutorial conferencing can be found to companies large and small. Options period hardware-based systems, software suites and virtualized systems. Prices have slipped significantly from only a couple of years ago. Standard room-based systems range between $2, – $,. Cloud-based services is often as low as $ monthly.

Industry analyst Andrew Davis of Wainhouse Research says:

The functions you get with an entry-point system exceed what you might have received with a high-end system simply a couple of years ago. Folks are trying to figure out what their infrastructure should be: As long as they buy it and put it on premises, or as long as they go with a cloud service? I suspect that lots of companies, especially large companies, goes with a hybrid environment.

See: Straightforwardness in the brand new World of Video tutorial Conferencing: Three Key Concerns for Pervasive Video Deployment. The main element point: seek simpleness throughout the solution lifecycle. VC systems are simple and easy to use. Look for systems and partners that deliver simplicity. The power for this to monitor the VC environment helps with any problems managing the machine.

Displays To Support VC Success

ViewSonic offers a variety of displays to support companies wanting to leverage the benefits of video conferencing. Content showing options are made to deliver simplified getting together with collaboration.

High Visibility Displays

Conference rooms call for large monitors. One large format screen is the minimum, several is the style. Interactivity on at least one screen in the room is just about the norm. Offering the ability to annotate and save demonstration materials helps even more. Content showing tools permit easy group collaboration. ViewSonic large format exhibits come in sizes from ” to ,” and deliver commercial-grade trustworthiness.

training video conferencing technology in the boardroom

Superior images ensure video conferencing visibility in any environment. Exhibits with ultra-thin bezels and simplified daisy-chaining enable easy set up of tiled video recording walls for sustained aesthetic impact and adaptability. To include value to video recording conferencing services, look for displays that come with interactivity.

Interactive Displays with Embedded Annotation Software

ViewBoards are large format interactive displays made to amp up collaborative ability. Meetings become more interesting with the power for multiple users to create or pull on the display. Embedded annotation software helps it be easy to write, point out, edit, and transform documents and images on-screen in real-time.

ViewBoard Intel Unite for Video recording Conferencing Solution

Enhance content by easily importing practically any type of document or media document. Highlight onscreen and annotate immediately onto the integrated web browser. Save all display screen content – including records and edits – and record live during meetings to save lots of and share the experience. All on-screen annotations, macros, multimedia data and ambient audio tracks are kept using the ViewSonic-exclusive record function.