What You Need To Know Before Buy Ebay Watchers


The eBay gives greater exposure to listings that have a greater number of views and watchers than other listings. In addition, consumers on eBay are naturally attracted to listings that have many watchers and views, often believing that popularity indicates a sought-after item that they should be looking at too. Would a seller get in trouble with eBay if it discovered he or she was buying watchers and views? Buy ebay watcher, That’s an important question, and sellers should proceed carefully if tempted to try to game the eBay search engine.

eBay has a Search and Browse Manipulation policy that prohibits such practices as keyword spamming, but it doesn’t specifically mention the practice of artificially inflating the number of watchers and views. That doesn’t mean it’s allowed either, however. One site that sells watchers and views explains, “the more views you have the higher eBay rates you.” And, it urges sellers, “Here you can buy ebay views.

Bring more buyers to your eBay store using search engine keywords

Carefully choosing specific keywords related to the products you sell on eBay can result in a prominent position within Googles natural search results meaning more potential buyers directly to your eBay store. Once youve subscribed to an eBay store, click eBay at the top of any eBay page, then in the left-hand navigation click Marketing Tools. Next, click Manage My Store then click Search Engine Keywords.

Use Google Analytics to choose the best keywords for your products, and try to choose words that are not too generic as youll be competing with too many other sites for these. Within a few weeks, you should find your eBay Store referenced in the search results and an increase in traffic. You can measure traffic by utilizing Stores Traffic Reports – click the link in the Manage My Store section of eBay.

Your eBay sales success depends on your visibility in eBays search algorithm, known as Best Match

The best visibility is given to those listings which attract the most buyer interest (clicks, watches, and purchases) per quantity of impressions. To maximize your buyer engagement, consolidate your products into multi-quantity long duration fixed price listings ( or days). Where available, also use multi-variant (gives you to list the same dress in various colors and sizes, for example). Usually, do not use keywords only loosely associated with your products as you will receive impressions on their behalf, but are improbable to rating well on buyer engagement. The thing is to get impressions only once buyers are likely to see your item. Always utilize eBays item details when you list your item as these help the search technology identify whether your item is pertinent for a buyers search.