Cryptogld Explodes With Innovation, Launching Worlds First % Gold Backed Cryptocurrency

Best of both worlds- Gold and Blockchain

In a world first, CryptoGLD haslaunch anentirely liquid, %gold-backed cryptocurrency. GLD International Inc, trading as CryptoGLD, identifiedweaknessesin cryptocurrencies. Most cryptocurrencies rely solely on market value perception, without anyasset value.To combat this, CryptoGLDandCitigold Corporation Limited, an American and Australian company partnered tocreatedtheworldsfirst % gold-backed cryptocurrency.

The Purchase and Security agreements withCitigold ensures that tenmillionCrGLDcoins are backed by ,ounces of gold. This providesbuyerswith the best of both worlds. CrGLDs have the possible exponentialreturnsof cryptocurrencies, combined with theage-oldvalue and security of gold.

CryptoGLD wants to ensure owners can maximise the cryptocurrency benefits of CrGLD coins, and has therefore set the gold redemption date as June . This means no matter what happens to the CrGLD price, once CrGLDs are redeemable, owners can choose between the best of two options. IfCrGLD,like Bitcoin, Ethereum or Dash, increaseswith thousands of percent, the option exists ofsellingthemon an exchange. Should goldoutperform CrGLD,then the best option may be tocash them in for the gold spot price of the day, or collectthegold.Because of this we believe that CrGLDis one of the best and safest coins available on the market.

Its creators believe thatCrGLDsasset backing willresult in a more stable price, eliminating the extreme volatilityassociated withcryptocurrencies,whileprovidingbuyerswith the price security of gold.

Totaltransparencyisa must. SaysVice President Gregory Breytenbach.Some promisingcoinsturnoutto benothing more than emptyshells,with novalue propositionor liquidity. In order to ensure our clients are well informed, were postingourgold purchase,security agreementsand audit reportsinour wallet. Says Mr. Breytenbach.

CryptoGLDsinitial coin release provides buyers with the opportunity to purchaseCrGLDsat cost, the spot price of gold.

Wewantto give buyers the opportunity to get in before the CryptoGLD value increases. CryptoGLD rewards early adopters because they get 5freecoinsforeverycoins they buy. This is a limited time offer. Says Mr. Breytenbach.

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