How To Use Tribotex In Easy Steps

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TriboTEX is a revolutionary breakthrough in engine coating technology. Conceptually the technology is straight forward. The material science however is quite sophisticated; engineered, synthetic nanosheets are designed to be slick on one side and sticky on the other. During normal engine operation, when added to oil, these nanosheets attach to metal surfaces (sticky side down), particle by particle, leaving the slick sides facing outward. After miles, of normal driving, internal components are coated with a porous, lubricious tribofilm exhibiting excellent embedibility and oil retention. The slippery surface contains select catalysts, incorporated by design, facilitating the formation of a Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC) cap on top. Originally these self assembling coatings were developed for improving performance of gearboxes under the grueling demands of wind turbines. The TriboTEX platform was constructed with $1 million dollars of research and development support from the National Science Foundation and NASA. Visit:

From its research formulations to its funding and Kickstarter campaign till now, TriboTEX is a popular introduction to the automotive industry as theyve made considerable sales and shipments with lots of reviews regarding the efficiency of the merchandise.

Simply add TriboTEX to your new engine oil during your next oil change. Within minutes you’ll notice a difference in the engine noise. Within miles you’ll feel the difference in gas mileage and horsepower. Continue to change your oil every 3,, miles. TriboTEX will keep working even after your oil is changed. We recommend using TriboTEX every , miles.

If youve had no good luck with engine motor oils and youre considering investing in more efficiency to your automobile, you might want to try TriboTEX as it:

Helps to increase fuel market performance by % in an automobile with K+ miles while increasing in-cylinder compression, thus delivering a much better gas mileage

Reduces oil use in vehicles and making the oil stay cleaner.

Repairs engine motor cylinders using its coating structure that varieties a film on the worn elements of the cylinder making it rounder and raise the operational lifetime of the engine.

Minimizes noise as the engine motor noise drops significantly thereby giving you a noiseless drive.

Raises horsepower by 3%+ providing you more ability for responsive controlling and speed.

Allows engine to perform cooler with less friction, thereby ultimately increasing the life span of gaskets, seals, and bearing floors.

For a starting price of around $-$, TriboTEX offers a competitive price and longer result to provide vehicle owners added value. However, for bigger vehicles, the company has produced various ranges of the products to appeal to specific engine needs at a mixed price.

How exactly to Use TriboTEX

Based on the product webpage and instructions, it is preferred to adhere to the essential application steps to accomplish an effective direct result.

Warm the car engine up. That is achievable invest the your vehicle out for a little drive to be able to warm up your car engine motor.

Inject all ml of the proprietary nanomaterial (the merchandise) in to the car engine unit or oil tank

Idle the engine unit for minutes to permit the engine unit oil combination with the TRiboTEX additive.

Engage in a normal car drive and go through the full aftereffect of TriboTEX after miles on the automobile.

A lot of people have followed these steps and also have seemed to testify through reviews and videos to the change in fuel consumption and horse power.

Approximately TriboTEX can do wonders to your car, it can also be said that you’ll require more and continuous usage of the merchandise to experience a rise in mileage, although it expresses that you should re-apply after achieving , miles or next oil change. Nothing at all comes cheap right? Why not save yourself further costs and auto repairs by shelling out for a solution like TriboTEX