Motospeed Computer Peripherals Review


Motospeed is a global brand that has developed a lot in the year , particularly with the inauguration of the CK Inflictor Keyboard, by the promise of lower price without losing the excellence it has shaken the High-End peripheral communal with a RGB keyboard

The design is a full sized MOTOSPEED key layout, which is echoed in the model name. And I know numerous mechanical keyboards are not full sized, particularly these full sized boards, thus this is really quite an exclusive product. So if you do actually need that num pad with you all the time, then we do have the num pad?


First impresses is that its light, thin, and slim for a mechanical key board, particularly for a full sized key board. The keyboard is simple however stylish with very thin and suspended keys. The cause as to why it is so light is since it uses thin plastic plus aluminum, just similar many of the keyboards in this class. The black plastic has a small texture to it, however is smooth, so finger prints wont display. And the aluminum is soft, but again, is quiet smooth, so the fingerprints are not as apparent, as rougher brushed aluminum finishes.

And the fleecy finish is somewhat that people would love or hate. Personally, I prefer somewhat cleaner, similar a smooth anodized finish.


As well as now to the lighting. This is an RGB key board which is an amusing feature to have. Its not RGB to the amount of the .8 million color range of other devices, somewhat it has the main colors and few in between.


These usage Outemu Blue switches, which is a tremendously common Chinese clone of the German completed Cherry MX switches. Thus basically they copycat the Cherry MX Blues, but are touch firmer and louder. As well as since they are clones, yes, you could chuck on whatever after-market keycaps you want.

Blues are of a middle weight, and are clicky. Thus when you reach middle, you will feel the tactile knock, as well as hear the loud click.


So overall, it is a unique product. In that it is a cheap keyboard Computer Peripherals, which is accessible all over the place on the internet, plus even under diverse brands, but its also RGB, HOWEVER its moreover full sized.

The keyboard is actual light, but that doesn’t mean its not constructed well. It does feature an aluminum plate, plus together with the PCB theres barely any flex, so there is no problems there.

I consider the aesthetics are not marginal, but on the means to the other side with a gamers artistic. The shape is totally fine, but it is the brushed aluminum, gamer is font on the keycaps, plus the excessive topmost right corner that create it a bit messier. But still, it is a taste thing, and its still fairly clean overall.

And with all that said, if you have a constricted budget, then this might be the one for you.